Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Author- Dr. Sonika

Today, the world is witnessing tremendous growth in the digital arena, due to which traditional methods are gradually turning digital. Change is the order of life. A business house which understand and adapt to the dynamics of technology survive and lasts long. Undoubtedly, Digitization, less commonly digitalization has overpowered and surpassed the conventional methods, especially in the field of Marketing.

Marketing is cardinal to a business and can never be overlooked. Business houses set aside a separate budget for the marketing alone. It is an irony that we live in a generation where one group is highly dependent on digital media for daily transactions while another group don’t even know how to use the internet. So, it’s important to take the decision of opting either a traditional or digital campaign as per the target audience. A business house cannot take the risk to miss either of the two groups. So, the traditional vs. Digital Marketing campaign is a tactful decision to take.

Digitization means converting information into a computer readable format i.e. digital. As we all know that Marketing is an integral component of any business house; so the marketing strategies adaptive to the technology change is essential to survive the cut throat competition.

Digital marketing can be explained as marketing of products and services in intangible form using any kind of digital medium like computer, mobile phones, digital display boards etc. Digital platforms like Social media, You tube, Websites has taken all the attention of people and it’s digital marketing finding you as a prospective customer by showing relevant products or services. Search engines like Google track your choices and make available all the best products and services in the form of advertisements.

In contrast, Traditional marketing emphasize marketing through tangible forms like newspapers, radio, business cards, billboards , pamphlets and TV channels. Traditional marketing is still famous for its endurance and people are involved with Traditional Marketing. To reach out to local audience, certain traditional marketing strategies are of worth. As the better version of something comes, the list of drawbacks increases as compared to the benefits. The major drawback of traditional marketing is that it is either not at all possible or very difficult to record and find the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Secondly, Traditional Marketing is costlier than Digital Marketing at times. Third, the outreach of traditional marketing have a limited scope and reaches local audience only while Digital marketing reaches out to masses in fraction of seconds. Fourth, It takes a long time for a business to build it’s rapport and sell a brand through traditional marketing. With digital marketing, the growth of a business is wide as well as speedy. Fifth, the biggest limitation is that traditional marketing is static which means there is no feedback from the audience. In absence of interaction with the people, Traditional Marketing throws information at audience, expecting that they would turn out as promised customers.

Advantages of digital marketing are more than that of traditional marketing. First, the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign much easier to measure. Second, a digital campaign can reach to masses globally. It is easy to make changes and use the digital campaign as per requirement. Third, Digital marketing is much interactive with the audience. Feedback is possible through social platforms, chats, reviews etc. It’s easy to track, record , interact with the audience to get constructive feedback in a short time, so improvement in the product/service is possible in no time lapse. A brand rapport can be built in a short time. One disadvantage of using digital media marketing strategies is that it takes time to realize the success rate.

Today, people spend most of their time on mobile phones and other digital gadgets. According to a recent report published by Statista Research, the global mobile population amounts to 4.4 billion unique users and the share of global mobile video plays is 62 percent. These statistics highlights the excessive usage of digital platforms. KDigitalization has taken off half of our burden.
Not only news is going digital, but our daily tasks like money transfer is done through online banking and reading is done on e-readers. In this digital age, it’s common sense to go for digital campaigns in place of traditional strategies. In this digital world, traditional marketing campaigns are losing its relevance. Today address of a business house is it’s website. Through websites, business houses are able to manage its customer base. For today’s businesses, it is imperative to have a website and use the web as a means to interact with their consumer base.

Such scenario of digital shift has caused a huge turbulence in traditional marketing strategies. Newspaper is the most perishable product and it is a challenge to sell a hard copy of the newspaper when an e-newspaper is available and number of e-readers is increasing. Media houses like Magazine Giant and Newsweek has totally switched to digital publications. Print media is facing challenges for its survival in view of Digitalisation.

If compared the two, in recent years, traditional marketing has fallen by 160 percent and the expenses for digital marketing has increased by 14 percent. Still, digital marketing is becoming more popular.

Author- Dr. Sonika

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